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Pound Paws Inc is a registered charity. It has been pioneering in its use of modern social media tools to reach out to animal lovers. It displays animals available for adoption by providing links for potential pet owners to pounds across Australia. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have been key drivers for Pound Paws. In addition, the website is an online search engine which allows potential owners to search for pets by breed, age, lifestyle or size.

Pound Paws provides its services to potential pet owners and pounds for no charge. It is supported by volunteers, and sponsors and donations help fund its operations. It you wish to make a donation to Pound Paws, please go to the “donations” tab above.

Pound Paws commenced in early 2014 as a desperate measure to help re-home animals that find themselves on death row each year. A devastating 250,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats are put down per year. This is impacted by oversupply from backyard breeders, and puppy mills.

Pound Paws is not only focused on re-homing these animals, but educating the public about death row and the importance of choosing to adopt. It is our mission to encourage the potential pet owners to adopt instead of shop, and break the stereotype that pounds are full of ‘reject’ pets.

Through raising awareness online, we hope to educate and inform the public, and hopefully reduce the euthanasia cycle.
We are collaborating with pounds and rescue groups from all over Australia to provide you with the latest listings daily.
We look forward to helping you find your new furry friend. Thank you for joining a movement to help speak out for those that cannot.

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Pound Paws is a registered charity. It uses modern social media tools to make potential pet owners more aware of, and help re-home, animals in pounds.


It is our mission to encourage the public to adopt instead of shop, and discourage backyard breeders that contribute to the oversupply of dogs and cats in Australia.


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