Meet Butterscotch

We can’t get over how cute this little bunny, Butterscotch is.

We spoke to the owner Jennifer, who sent us a beautiful write up to describe a day in the life of an Instagram famous bunny!

I first started posting photos of Scotch on Instagram not just because I love bunnies but to hopefully put a smile on your face.

I never would of thought there were so many rabbit lovers out there.
There are some great animal accounts that we have found just by sharing our little rabbit with the world.

As soon as we wake up he runs circles around our feet. He then follows us all around the house and nudges us with his little nose to be fed.

Scotch’s followers get to see his daily life from munching on his favourite food, excited jumping binkies, cute sleepy pictures to adorable bunny yawns.

He is always eating, poopin and loves to play. He moults most of the year and loves to chew shoes, handbags basically anything that you leave on the floor. Rabbits do have a little personality of their own and we absolutely adore him.

We have made some great bunny friends and have come across so many awesome ideas, toys and pet needs that we have found and shared on Instagram.

If you want to start posting photos of your adorable pets make sure you have good lighting and the pictures are not blurry. Camera phones can take awesome photos now. The best photos of Scotch are of him just being himself. If your lucky enough you may capture something magical.

So get snapping today and share all of your cute animal pics.
We would love to be your fluffy friend.

You can find out about what goes on in a bunnies life here:

Instagram- butterscotchbiscuits

Do you have an Instagram pet which you would like to share with us? Email us at [email protected] – their’s nothing that makes our day more than viewing super cute pet pages!

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