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1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek NSW 2178

The Animal Welfare League NSW Kemps Creek Shelter is located in Sydney’s South West. Animal Welfare League NSW has been operating for over 55 years with a mission to find a loving home for every companion animal in the State. They have Inspectors who investigate reports of animal cruelty, a vet practise, a behaviour department and a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who tend to each animal. The Kemps Creek Shelter has a dedicated cattery, including an outdoor enclosure, as well as dog runs and air conditioned kennels which play calming music to help the dogs relax. The Shelter is open 7 days a week from 10am – 3:30pm. When you visit staff members are on hand to spend time showing you the available animals and discussing their individual personalities and who would best fit with your lifestyle and family. Animal Welfare League NSW has a Getting to Zero (G2Z) Policy which means they will not euthanize any healthy or behaviourally-well animal and will look after them for as long as it takes to find a home.

PO Box 461, Mount Barker, SA 5251

Moving Paws Inc is a not for profit small breed dog rescue group located in Adelaide, we are a registered charity with a dedicated team of doggy lovers who re-home furkids looking for their second chance. We assist dogs in country pounds, those requiring private re-homing and we also have a working relationship with the RSPCASA. Each pooch is cared for in a loving home environment and treated as one of the family, they are provided with the best vet care, grooming, training and socialisation. Moving Paws helps a lot of special needs and senior doggies and we are committed to making sure they live out their twilight years with love and dignity. ** please note we do not have a public facility that can be visited **

NSW, Victoria, Qld, W.A. South Australia

Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc. was started in 2009 to raise the profile of dachshunds needing rescue and rehoming across all States of Australia. We are ‘Devoted to Dachshunds’.


Pound Paws is a registered charity. It uses modern social media tools to make potential pet owners more aware of, and help re-home, animals in pounds.


It is our mission to encourage the public to adopt instead of shop, and discourage backyard breeders that contribute to the oversupply of dogs and cats in Australia.


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