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201 Rookwood Road Yagoona, NSW, 2199

Sydney shelter has approx. 450 animal enclosures onsite. 1140 meals per day are fed to the animals at the Sydney shelter. They provide comfortable accommodation and the best possible care to surrendered, neglected, unwanted, sick or injured animals. The RSPCA NSW promote responsible pet ownership with the aim of increasing awareness and reducing the number of unwanted animals.

285 Welling Drive Mount Annan

The team at Firefly Animal Rescue are super passionate about what they do. The friendly family frequently visit Campbelltown pound and rescue strays that desperately need a new home. They look after these strays in their backyards and give them lots of attention and cuddles. They rescue cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs too.

11 Cicada Glen Rd, Ingleside NSW 2101

The Animal Welfare League Ingleside is just one of the many shelters provided by this organisation. As soon as you pull up into the driveway, you are greeted by a cheeky cockatoo which will talk your ears off! The staff here are incredibly friendly and full of knowledge. The volunteers will offer to give you a private walk around the shelter. Both enclosures are incredibly modern and well equipped to care for the amount of animals they take in. The shelter is located on a large mass of land, which means the dogs get walked daily, you can even have the option of walking them around the grassy area too! This shelter implements a no-kill policy.


Pound Paws is a registered charity. It uses modern social media tools to make potential pet owners more aware of, and help re-home, animals in pounds.


It is our mission to encourage the public to adopt instead of shop, and discourage backyard breeders that contribute to the oversupply of dogs and cats in Australia.


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