Our role in the Airbnb Social Impact Experience

One of the many services we offer rescue groups & pounds across Australia, is additional PR / Fundraising opportunities to help further support them. A recent PR campaign which Pound Paws assisted in, was for the Airbnb Social Impact Experiences.

Airbnb Social Impact experiences are activities hosted by nonprofit organizations that immerse travelers (or passionate locals) in their causes, generating widespread awareness along the way.

Not only is 100% of the funds collected directly donated to the rescue group, but there is no fee to participate + the rescue group gets amazing brand promotion and recognition on the Airbnb platform, gaining attention from an audience of millions.

We worked closely with Skye Riggs from Airbnb, where we provided her with direct contact to a variety of rescue groups & pounds across Australia, whilst suggesting unique/fun ideas for the experiences.

A great example of a successful campaign which we helped launched was with Australian Working Dog Rescue.

They encourage participants to visit their farm and learn all about the sheepdogs and how their trainers and handlers work with them to safely move the sheep and bring them into the yards from the paddocks.

You can view it here (and even book into an experience!).

We are always looking for unique/successful ways to help out rescue groups/pounds, this is just one example of a fun approach!

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