Companion Animal Rescue Awards Media Launch

The official media launch of the Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 was held today and what a great time was had by all!

It’s brilliant to see a great initiative like this taking place in Australia, celebrating the wonderful work of rescue groups.

We are delighted to be a Silver Sponsor for this event, supporting all things rescue.

Awards categories
There will be seven award categories, with one winner for each category. Award categories 1 – 6 are for rehoming organisations. Award category 7 is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a pet.

1. Outstanding Rescue Group
2. Outstanding Animal Shelter
3. Outstanding Council Animal Shelter
4. Innovation in Rescue
5. Community Education and Outreach Program
6. Volunteer of the Year
7. Advocate® People’s Rescue Story

The judges for award categories 1 – 6 are:

1. Nell Thompson, Coordinator for Getting To Zero (G2Z) and committee member of the Australian Institute of Animal Management (AIAM).
2. Tim Vasudeva, Director of Corporate Affairs at Animals Australia.
3. Vickie Davy, Co-Founder & joint CEO of PetRescue, not for profit organisation that brings thousands of rescue pets face-to-face with thousands of potential adopters every day.
4. Dr Anthony Bennett, Veterinarian & Co-star of Lifestyle Channel’s TV series Village Vets.
5. Sandy Matheson, Founder & Managing Director of Jetpets, a pet travel company focused on the safety, comfort and welfare of pets.
6. Dr Anne Fawcett, Animal Welfare Veterinarian. Dr Anne’s blog is
7. Dr Michael O’Donoghue, Small animal veterinarian and Co-Founder of ‘People and Pets’, a nationwide grief and pet loss counselling service.

The judges for Category 7 Award ‘Advocate® People’s Rescue Story’ are representatives from Bayer and Pets4Life. Full bios and photos of the judges can be found at

Head to the website for more information. Nominations open on the 1st of July!

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