Happy Adoption: Gypsy

Gypsy the bull Arab x

Growing up on a farm, we always had dogs, and I’ve always been a huge animal lover. Every dog that came into my life had their own unique personality and left beautiful memories that I will always treasure. I was so lucky that my parents believed that kids should grow up with pets, as it has really helped me to appreciate and respect animals, and to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinary nurse.

The day that I got Gypsy, was very exciting for me. I had wanted to get a dog for ages, ever since my boyfriend and I moved to Brisbane, but we decided to wait until we moved out of our unit and into a house where we were approved to have pets. It was only 2 days after we had moved in that I started searching for a dog. I always said that we HAD to get a RESCUE dog, as most of the dogs I grew up with were from a shelter, or one that I had found roaming the streets. I was big on giving second chances and saving lives! Which I still am today! Adopt don’t shop!

Anyway, I saw this beautiful 6 month old puppy on advertised on the site, and her face just melted me. It was only a couple of hours later that my boyfriend emailed me a link, and when I opened it, it was the same puppy. He asked me what I thought, and we decided to drive out to a rescue that afternoon and have a look. Luckily the people that had her were really nice, and we got to meet the mum and dad of the puppies and could see they were very well looked after and loved. This really put me at ease. As soon as I saw her and she came up and sniffed me, I was sold! I had to have her, and we took her home that night! At this stage I really had no idea just how much of an impact she would have on my life, and how much she would save me.

I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I have since I was about 16. I’ve really struggled for the past 4 years with holding down jobs and making friends, as I’ve always had confidence issues and a low self- esteem that I’ve battled with for many years. Having Gypsy by my side everyday has been a blessing. Words can’t explain the way she has helped me through some of the toughest times, when I felt so lost and down that I didn’t know how I would get through it. When I’m crying, and a total mess, she just comes up to give me a lick on the face and calm me down, and snuggle up with me. She is a very affectionate dog, and she just loves to be by my side getting human attention. Whenever I’m having a bad day or on struggle street, I feel so much better knowing I have a beautiful loyal friend there just waiting for a cuddle. That’s the best thing about dogs, they never judge, they love unconditionally. They are always happy to see you.

Gypsy is very protective of me, and she is such a loyal dog. I really believe that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment and an absolute blessing. Gypsy really saved me and continues to impact my life for the better! I am still very passionate about rescuing dogs and adopting! My boyfriend and I have fostered many dogs over the last 2 years, and we have just recently adopted another dog from a rescue called Chet. He adores Gypsy, and I think she thinks he’s pretty awesome too. They love to go on adventures together to the farm, and the park, But that’s a story for another time!

By Marcela


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