Lifestyle Match Quiz

We have put together a fun questionnaire to help future pet adopters find out what type of pet would best suit them. Have fun with answering the below questions & make sure to note down which answer you get.

Where are you currently living?
A) On large rural area
B) In the City
C) In a house
Do you have a large family?
A) Yes over 3 people
B) No, but I am sharing a unit.
C) No, by myself

What is your ideal day?
A) A day in the park playing frisbee
B) A pay rise at work
C) A long sleep in and breakfast at 2pm.

When it comes to dinner, what meal is your norm?

A) A big roast with veges grown from the garden
B) Take out
C) Whatever is in the fridge

What is your budget for looking after a pet?

A) Happy to pay the costs of looking after a pet.
B) Not a lot but I can afford the essentials
C) Happy to just pay for food / drink – hoping it won’t need much medical bills! Eek.

A) Active Lifestyle
You have been classified as someone who lives an active lifestyle. We would recommend a large dog for you, ranging from; Great Dane, Golden Retriever or even a medium sized staffy cross. It is very important for these select breeds (and a few others) to get consistent exercise, otherwise they may rebel and start chewing on your furniture / causing a muck at home. You must also be prepared to customize the house to suit them, so no more glass vases to close to the edge of the table kind of thing. . If you are prepared to take them on walks regularly / or if you live on large property, then try narrowing your search down by viewing ‘Active Lifestyle Dogs. If you are looking for a cat, there are a few active personalities ranging from; Bengal, Devon Rex or Sphynx – but they are quite rare to come by! I’m sure you can find a domestic kitty just as active, just make sure to buy them some kitten nip & scratching poles
B) City Lifestyle
Are you caught up in the city rush, constantly working and claiming your balcony is a garden? As exciting as the city is, there a few dogs / cats that will think different. Generally cats are recommended to stay indoors, so we are off to a good start here. If you are looking for a cat, we have a wide  selection to offer. Cats enjoy staying at home alone too, so you don’t need to feel guilty whilst your working yourself to the bone! Just remember to leave out some food / water and a comfy bed for them to nap in. Dogs tend to play up however, yelping throughout the day until the neighbours start making complaints. There are a select few dogs that will be okay in this circumstance, but you must promise them walks to the local park and lots of treats!

C) Relax Lifestyle
If you live each day as they come, love long sleep in’s and don’t mind if you get a bit of fur on your clothes, cause it ain’t no work uniform – then we have plenty of pets for you! If you’re a cat lover, pretty much any cat will do. Cats are pretty much as lazy as they come and are very good at looking after themselves, as long as you provide a  bed, food and drink then they will love you eternally. When it comes to finding a dog, they all appreciate a walk / play in the backyard. There are dozens of small dogs (old and young) that will love the fact that you sleep in till midday, in fact they will be right next to you snoring. Try narrowing down your search to find the perfect pet, by selecting the ‘Relax Lifestyle’

Conclusion: Great, you have narrowed down what type of lifestyle you have – now its time to get searching for your next pet! You can search via ‘lifestyle match’ on our search engine.


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