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Inca & Xanadu


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***INDOOR ONLY KITTIES *** ***BONDED PAIR*** Inca & Xanadu aren't siblings, but they are very much a bonded pair. Inca was born 11.02.15 and Xanadu 10.07.16. Poor Xanadu had a really rough start adn then, after he came to us, his mum rejected him. She's been traumatized by tom cats and didn't want anything to do with her kitten. Xanadu kept approaching her for affection but she just whacked him : ( Then we moved Xanadu to live with another carer who had just rescued Inca. Inca took a shine to Xanadu and took him under his wing, giving him all the love he had craved from his mum. They are inseparable now, so we will never tear them apart. They are both very gentle, quiet and sweet natured cats. It has taken us a while to gain their trust, and you should allow 3 6 months before both of them settle and become relaxed around you. Both of them are flighty and easily startled, particularly by shouting or running, so they would be best suited to a quiet home. Ideally they could have access to a human free space like a spare room or outside enclosure for them to retreat to when they get startled or guests visit. You can tell that they’ve had a hard start to life; they are both very easily contented with regular meals and a safe place to sleep. They will entertain you all day with their frequent play fights and adorable grooming sessions. There will certainly be work for their new owners to gain their trust, but it’s an amazing feeling when you do and they join you on the sofa for a cuddle or sleep on the bed with you through the night. Their vet work has been done and includes desexing, microchip, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment. Meet and greet in Mareeba. BIN0000171254640 Adoption fee is $200 for the pair.


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