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Jamie's details: Age: 4 months Date of birth: 17/11/2018 Desexed: Yes Heart worm treated: Vaccinated: true Wormed: true State: Postcode: 2203 About Jamie: A full on purring machine who's totally in his element while racing through the hallways or helping his foster mum with her work, Jamie spends his occasional moments of downtime curled up in the nearest box or container the smaller the better! The nearest chest, lap or tummy will do just fine too :) This gorgeous little guy isn't afraid of anything thunderstorms and vacuum cleaners included! He's going to make one lucky person, couple or family very happy indeed. Like all Maggie's pets, Jamie is microchipped, desexed and vaccinated. **We ask all people looking to adopt to fill in our adoption enquiry form at enquiry cats. Please use this link rather than the 'Enquire' button on the pet's PetRescue profile.** MY IDEAL HOME: ... will let me be myself! I'm a chatty boy with a big purrsonality and love to get myself involved in everything you're up to, so I hope you're ready! Ideally I'll be allowed some outdoor access too. A secure enclosure or courtyard maybe even the occasional leashed walk? would be wonderful! MY ENERGY LEVEL: Sky high! I love to romp, play and chase other cats, when they'll let me. MY SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: I've met several pint sized people and they were pretty cool! MY SUITABILITY TO CATS AND DOGS: I think I'd get on just fine with your friendly feline as long as they like to play! Though I haven't met any dogs yet, my foster mum reckons I'm like a puppy in cat form so I'm definitely down for meeting your pooch and seeing if the chemistry's there! *In foster care in Dulwich Hill, Sydney* Adoption process: We ask all people looking to adopt to fill in our adoption enquiry form at enquiry cats. Please use this link rather than the 'Enquire' button on the pet's PetRescue profile to streamline your enquiry. We will then organise a time for you to meet with the foster carer and the pet you are interested in adopting. Maggie's wants this to be a good experience for you, and we will occasionally suggest a different cat or dog as your situation may not meet the needs of the individual pet. All our pets leave for their new homes on a two week trial. At the end of this period we will transfer the microchip to your details and the adoption is complete. Your pet is a Maggie's Pet for Life, please consider this before adopting


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