Profile Paw Story: Ralphie – CEO of UWDogs

It’s not everyday you come across a doggie CEO, thats why we had to get a hold of Ralphie and find out the in’s and out’s of running Australia’s favourite doggie wash products, UWDogs.

1) It’s not often you come across a doggie CEO, can you please introduce yourself?

With pleasure Brittany, and thanks for inviting me here today. My name’s Ralph. Ralphie to my mates, ‘Ralphmiester’ OR ‘Hey Handsome’ to my hooman. I’ve had an extraordinary life (almost 15 years) an adventurous, independent wee Cocker with a nose-down, bum-up attitude (my sniffer at times getting me into more trouble than good). With years of dinner served up on the Financial Review I was intrigued with business from the start, my skills honed due to a lifetime around professional haircare. I’m completely loyal and true, a lover not a fighter, I prefer salad for lunch (hold the dressing) and would do anything to skip a Board Meeting (oops did I say that).

2) Do you use UW Dog Products on yourself? If so, whats your favourite?

I’m a devout Underwater Dog, after all if you’re gonna spruk it I say you’d better use it. My favourite Underwater Dogs product would have to be the Conditioner (it’s the bomb). It just feels ‘so damn good’ leaving my skin and hair feeling silky soft and very, very, floofy. A close second would have to be the Gloss Shine Deodoriser. This gives me an extra few days on the couch before my next tub. Smells like a tropical beach hideaway. Woohoo…Pina Colada’s all round!

3) The products smell delicious! Can you share with us the ingredients/flavours?

This was actually the most important part for my hooman and Summer was the theme. Tropical beach-time flavours like coconut, vanilla, mandarins, limes and pineapples were all winners. Nothing like smelling ‘good enough to eat’…like a yummy coconut-vanilla ice-cream on a hot summers day. I have been continually humbled at just how happy this makes our customers. We definitely got this one right!

4) How long should a doggie bath normally take?
Well if you’re anything like me I like to wallow, but I’m conscious of the fact that not every canine is a water lover. I’ve been known to go on a little about the importance of using a conditioner on our skin, and naturally this adds a few extra minutes in the tub; but I reckon I’m in and out in less than 10mins. Rinsing shampoo from the skin is paramount, so I’m super careful there; I also like a good conditioning massage. (I know, it’s the full Spaw-Treatment for the old-guy). But I have to say, if that’s not part of your beauty treatment…then it should be.

4) How often should dogs get washed?

Well now you’ve got my attention – coz every one of us is different. Some never smell or require baths at all, and yet others are right stinkers. Some are inside dogs and others have a permanent place on the bed (#lovemyhooman).

There’s a theory often discussed, that washing dogs too often strips their natural oils, but this is true for all soaps & shampoos. It’s simply part of the process. No matter how good your products are (hooman or canine), cleansing means washing away dirt and grime AND, some of the natural oils. I encourage all dog owners to use professionally formulated products on their dogs, soap-free and pH balanced (7.0 neutral) specifically for canine skin. Moisturising with conditioner after every shampoo is the trick, nourishing and replenishing any lost oils.

I suppose I get washed every other week OR as my hooman says, when I need it (as I am secretly drawn to possum poo). Others might get washed every month or every couple of months. Just know, that using a high-quality professionally formulated product allows you to wash more frequently, without causing sensitivities, drying out the skin and promoting the dreaded itch.

5) We love your after-gloss spray, does your owner carry this in her handbag?
My Ma uses my Gloss spray shine ALL the time, coz it’s delicious. I keep telling her to get her own!

6) Where can we find out more information about your amazing products!
You can find us on-line at or follow us @uwdogs on Facebook and Instagram. I love a good chat, so email me at [email protected] OR call my Agent (my Ma) on 0412 855 250. We love what we do, and I love my Ma. The fact that we make awesome haircare products, is pretty much a bonus.

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