Profile Paw Story: Simonne Lee, Animal Communicator

It’s a talent we all wish we had, but only a few can do it! Have you ever wanted to communicate with your dog? Or, perhaps connect with a deceased pet? We caught up with the talented Simone to learn more about Animal Communication and how she can help you strengthen your bond with your pet.

1) When did you first realize you could communicate with animals?

I’ve always been able to chat with my animals. As an only child my mum made sure I had lots of siblings in the way of animals and it was a normal occurrence for her to find me having conversations with them.

As I grew up I thought it was the norm, that everyone could and then I met and adopted a very special cat named Cubby who brought me to the next level of Animal Communication.

2) For those who aren’t familiar with what you do, can you please explain?

Most people communicate with their pets in some form whether it’s body language, commands or just a knowing.

Animal Communication is all about connecting to animals on a much deeper level. It’s being able to communicate back and forth and understand each other’s worlds. I communicate to them using our senses to create a dialogue with them e.g. pictures | feelings | talking | smell

When I work with owners and pets, I’m basically translating what each other is saying. What they like and don’t like, what they would like more of and I also create agreement pacts that both sides make a commitment to follow through.

When I work with rescue or adopted animals, they don’t always know that they’ve been adopted and have their furever family to love and keep them safe. So I will reassure them and let them know what’s going on, they don’t have to move families anymore, they have a place to call home now.

3) Do you have any pets?

I have two animals in my family, a cat named Nero who I got from the Cat Protection Society when he was 1.5yr old. He’s about 13.5yrs old but shhhh he still thinks he’s 5yr, he’s quite vocal and always tells me what he’d like to do. Then I have the sweetest boy called Pi and he’s a spotted python 11yrs old. I’ve had Pi since was 8 months old, he was about 10cm long and now is 160cm. He gives the best cuddles and is always expressing his feelings to me.

I recently had a Siamese fighter called Frankie, we were together for about 3yr and he recently went to the rainbow sky 6 weeks ago. I miss my little wet boy as he was the showman of the household. He loved visitors coming over and doing his water ballet shows for them. It’s a lot quieter now that he’s not there.

3) Do you need to meet the pets in order to communicate with them? Or, can you do it via images?

I have clients all around the world and connect to their pets through photos. A photo captures an essence of our energy and it’s like having their mobile number to connect and chat with them directly. When learning to communicate with animals, it’s always easier to start off with a photo as you don’t get distracted by their cuteness lol.. It also means that owners can check in on their fur babies while they’re away for that extra bit of reassurance (that works both ways).

4) You also host workshops for the public to take part in, can you share with us what they can learn in this?

Yes I have workshops where you can learn to communicate to your pets and from the very first workshop you will be getting answers and questions from them. People are amazed to get answers from animals in Level 1 and I always love the look on their faces once they’ve done it.

The workshops are mindful based where you learn to work with your energy and senses. Just like a mother and her baby have that subtle communication happening, you learn a similar skill and develop it further. In Level 1 you learn a basic body scanning where you can sense if you’re pet is in pain, the approximate location and pain level. This is a skill that will really benefit your pet and you’ll be able to relay information to your vet.

All workshops are 1 Day or if you’re too busy, I have an Online Course for Beginners to do at your own pace.

They’re lots of fun and more importantly, it can enrich your relationship with your pet or any animal in your life.

5) How similar are humans to animals?

Animals are sentient beings, they know and understand much more than we give them credit for. Just like young kids, they experience what’s going on at home, they may not understand the story behind everything but they sure do feel the energy of the home. It’s the same for animals, they respond to our emotions and energy way before we even realise what we’re feeling. That’s why when we’re stressed they’re usually by our side giving that extra support.

6) Where can we find out more information about you?

For more information on my Animal Communication Services and Courses, you can find me on

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