Q&A with Dr Jenny from Mona Vale Vet.

We spoke with Dr Jenny from Mona Vale Vet, ahead of Park House Dog Day. We are so delighted to have Mona Vale Vet as a sponsor of this dog adoption event in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

1) Can you share with us the moment you decided you wanted to be a vet?
My dad tells this story; – I was walking along the beach with him when I was just
over 3 and I told him I wanted to be a penguin doctor ( we had recently been to the
zoo). Not much wavered after that (apart from the usual primary school dreams of
being and astronomer and a rock star!)

2) What makes Mona Vale Vet so different to other vet clinics?

The reason we do things= Happy Pets, Happy people. Everything we do is focused
on the holistic happiness of the pets in our care- both restoring physical and mental
health through medicine, surgery, rehabilitation and behavioural counseling. We
also aim to deliver a happy experience for the owners of our patients and champion
the important role that pets and animals play in the wider community.

3) Can you tell us a bit about your Mona Vale Hospital?
We are a happy bunch of devoted animal crazy vets and vet nurses totaling 15 in
all, 7 of whom are vets, headed up by the 3 owners; Drs Jenny, Anne and Alison.
Mona Vale vets has been part of the local animal care community for over 50 years.
We are a fully accredited Veterinary hospital that offers high end surgery, digital x-
rays , ultrasound, in-house laboratory services, an advanced dental suite with
specialized dental x-rays, separate dog and cat hospital wards with the highest
quality hospital care and cat boarding!

4) Can you share with us a story about one of your on-going pet customers?
I have so many lovely animal friends which whom I am lucky enough to share their
journey! But let’s talk about a little senior canine who I saw last week. Muddles is a
10 Year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel. As you may know, this dog breed is at
risk of developing heart failure at an earlier age than many other breeds and sure
enough, Muddles developed signs a few years ago. This was detected by listening to
her heart as we always do at her regular health check and picking up an
irregularity in the way it sounded (a heart murmur). Initially, she was not showing
any external signs of ill health but after a while, her owners could see her slowing
down a bit. Chest x-rays, blood tests and rechecks determined that Muddles needed
to start on special medicines to help her heart. She has been on these medications
for nearly 2 years now (adding a few in and tweaking dosages with each recheck)
and is enjoying life with minimal disruption. Muddles’ owners are committed to
monitoring her progress and giving her medication and I look forward to every
visit when I get to chat to them and cuddle Muddles.

5) We understand Northern Beaches is affected by the tick population, what is
some advice to pet owners to prevent their pets getting bitten?

Check them every day! Keep their coat short. Use tick prevention- there are some
great new tick prevention products available now and they really do work.
And if they do start to show signs- e.g. wobbliness or weakness in the back legs,
change of bark or meow, vomiting or any breathing problems; rush them to the vet
straight away. The earlier you treat them, the better the chance of survival.

6) What stand out talent are you looking forward to seeing at Best Dog Trick /
Best Dog Costume competition at Park House Dog Day?

I am always mightily impressed when owners can get their dogs to NOT eat treats
when balanced on their noses. I have a Labrador who loves food and I have never
been able to master that one!
But really, any tricks or dress ups have to be fun- I’m looking for dogs and owners
who are relaxed and happy with a big smile on their faces!

7) Any advice to individuals who are interested in becoming a vet?
Consider it a lifestyle rather than a job. It’s a career that is challenging, with new
things to learn all the time but very rewarding at the same time. We have some
very happy days but also some very sad ones. It’s important to spend some time in a
veterinary hospital and on a farm to really know if it is for you.

To find out more about Mona Vale Vet, head to their website here: https://www.monavalevet.com.au/

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