Update on Remi

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❤️ REMI UPDATE via Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc. – The pup who survived being dragged behind a car is continuing to make a recovery! 
We are delighted to hear of the positive news that Remi is in a very stable condition, although she has significant injuries she is fully conscious now and starting to pick up. 
Her wounds are being bandaged frequently and she has significant tendon damage to her legs, burns and lacerations that will need weeks of attention as well as a significant injury to her jaw that will most likely require surgery when stable enough. Remis legs are very bowed at the moment so she will need ongoing Physio and rehabilitation to ensure she can walk properly. 
Thank you everyone for your love, support & generosity to this special girl! She is on a path to recovery now 💙 #rescuedog#adoptdontshop

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